Thursday, September 20

Slow Going

Now, I would have thought that with the weather cooling down that my crochet work would have picked up significantly but it seems to be the opposite instead. I have only finished a poncho that I made using thread and am almost done with a Firefly Scarf project; also thread. It's essentially done, I just decided I want it longer than the pattern calls for so I haven't "tied" off yet.

Here is the poncho, it actually calls for Bernat's Cool Crochet thread but I have this cone of wine colored thread that has a glimmer to it and I thought I'd try with that since it seems the same size as the Cool Crochet. It's a lovely color and has beautiful drape in the finished project. It was
just a slow process for me. The color doesn't really come through well with this camera. It's actually a deeper, redder color more like this.

The Firefly Scarf was a pattern picked up from Annie's Crochet Pattern of the Day promotion so I cannot offer a link to it. Annie's tends to repeat their offerings so if you missed it this year it will be back next year I am sure. I will tell you though, the stitch is what makes the scarf what it is, that is a double love knot stitch. Here's a picture of the almost finished project. I am using another thread on a cone I picked up at the local thrift store and a size I hook. The project calls for it to be 54" long but I want it longer and I have a ball of the thread that I pulled off the cone and decided I'd go until the ball runs out. I have another inch and a half of rolled thread to go so the scarf is going to be extremely long as opposed to how it is supposed to be. I would venture to guess it will end up 70 or 80 inches long. Here's a picture of it in progress.

Here's a close up of the stitch pattern. Just lovely isn't it?

Even this scarf has been slow going, mostly because I somehow kept not picking up the last stitch at the end and would have to frog over and over again. I finally have managed to work on it without losing that last stitch and it's been going quite well since.

Perhaps the reason these projects are taking so long is that I've been working with thread and I don't normally do thread projects. I'd like to believe that rather than the alternative which is that I've just gotten burnt from too much crochet and can't seem to focus to get things completed. LOL!!

Well, life is what it is and if I need to slow or even stop, the hooks and yarn will be there when I come back. The really good thing about this craft is that the hooks and yarns are patient and uncomplaining.

I have several more projects picked out that recently came up on the web and I am excited about them so maybe that will be the incentive I need. I also have decided to make a paperback carrier for my sister for Christmas and have pulled that pattern out. Haven't picked out yarns yet for any of these projects but I will soon.

So many projects, so little time!
Till next time, happy crochetin' folks!