Sunday, November 9

Ah...finally back

Wow, I've finally made it back to my blog. It's been so long I almost don't know where to start catching up.

I managed to get an invitation to my daughter's wedding despite our estrangement. I thought I'd post pictures of the wedding on here so you can all see my lovely daughter. She wore black (go figure). A beautiful crocheted halter and skirt (not crocheted by me of course). It was rather unusual, they had been planning a larger formal wedding then decided last minute to just tie the knot before he entered the army. They chose a beautiful historic location out in the woods and even though it was the dead heat of August they looked great. I on the other hand almost wilted before it was all over.
The bride and groom.
Here they are with the pastor, receiving their marriage certificate. You can see a little more of the dress. Doesn't she look happy?

The rings.

I've been busy crocheting baby things all summer and fall. I don't have pictures to post yet but rest assured I will post them as soon as I go recover them from my friend's computer.

A good friend of the family was having a little boy in October. The shower was beautiful and I swear I've got pictures, just have to get them loaded onto my computer so I can show them off.

Since then I have been busy making baby things for my brother's first grandchild, due at the end of January. I've got lots of things made, but no pictures taken as of yet. They will follow though, I promise you.

Outside of that, little else has been of noteworthy interest. I got moved back in and almost have everything where I want it. My sister has since moved in with me, been a bit over a week now. It's a huge adjustment for me and I'm sure for her as well. She works nights and sleeps during the day so things are going pretty well so far. Ah, the honeymoon period! :)

Ok folks, I will return with pictures in hand (or on computer as the case may be). Till then, take care.