Tuesday, February 26


I thought I should let people know why my blog page has sat idle for so long, and why it will probably be the condition it remains in for a time. On January 29th I had a house fire which put me out of my home for at least three months. The dogs are fine; they as well as myself were unharmed but the fire destroyed most of the interior and a whole lot of contents. I've spent the last month trying to sift through the wreckage, talking to insurance agents, talking to contractors and trying to be "at home" outside my own home. Funny, you never realize how comfortable you've become in a place until you can't go back. At least that has been my experience. I am hoping the restoration/remodeling people will be finished with the place by the end of April and then I can start refurnishing my home. I was told that I could get most of my personal information off the hard drive of my computer and so will have to attempt something like that once I get another computer. For now I'm staying with a very good friend and using her computer so I can get on to check mail and roam the net but I'm not sure how often I'll be posting here. Not sure either if I'll be able to post pictures of my completed projects either. I have to obtain a new camera first and that's essentially one of the last things on my list of things to do at this point. So, if I can manage all the juggling you'll get posts/pictures/updates...if I can't then at least you all know why. I will be back though, to post and show off, LOL...I have made myself a new updated crochet supply case and I'm dying to show it off. I used the pattern for the case written by Sally V. George found here but tweaked it to accomodate more supplies. It's a little bulky but it holds everything very nicely without being too cumbersome. I promise pictures as soon as I can manage it. Until I see you again, Happy Crocheting!