Saturday, November 3

November Already?

Oh my, I cannot believe I let the whole month of October slip by without posting an update or two. I hope everyone had a good month.

I have a friend who decided Halloween was not just for kids and went out trick or treating herself. Now, I am not sure I think it's exactly a kosher thing for a grandma to be out trick or treating but, it made her happy and didn't hurt anyone and there are far worse things in the world she could have been doing. To her credit she had her husband sit home and hand out candy while she went out and I can only imagine how people reacted to the site of this gray haired granny holding out a candy bucket.

I have worked sporadically on projects this past month and will post a few today and catch up as I can with the rest of them.

I have some scraps of novelty yarns that have been building up in a bag and decided to try to put some of them to use making scarves. I used the Lion Brand pattern for the Christensen Skinny Scarf to make these:
This first was made with a combination of boucle, Boa, a variegated sport weight acrylic, Galaxy and Jewel Box.

Here's a close up to show the details.
This one used some brown acrylic, Homespun and Disco along with some Galaxy.
And the details.

Now this one used Jewel Box, Disco, some brown acrylic, and the boucle.
Now here's a close up of the colorway.

I also used this Shawl Cape pattern, the actual paper flyer was offered by Hobby Lobby stores last year, to make two different looking items.

This first is made with a boa yarn like the pattern calls for.

Here is a close up of the boa yarn. Isn't that pretty?

For the second shawl cape I substituted some Phentex novelty eyelash yarn that I bought on sale at Big Lots last spring. The color is white, but white doesn't begin to explain this beautiful colorway. I also tweaked the pattern a little so it turned out quite differently from the first project.
Here is a close up
I think the color is gorgeous.

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