Tuesday, October 6

That Lovely Scarf

The CAL Scarf Along is Coming Along

I've gotten to the point now where I'm working on the lace inset that joins the two motifs together. It's going to be slow going as I have to have the piece on a flat surface to join the two strips with the lace. Working at my computer desk and eager to get it completed. I took some pictures of the first segment of lace, this will be what I repeat up the scarf, joining the two motifs to each side of the lace as I go. I had to fold up the motifs strips and used chip clips to keep them from getting in my way as I have to turn the work with each row. They look cute holding the crocheted pieces.

I've got a picture of the lace inset piece, closer up so you can get an idea of the stitching of the piece.

I have a LOT more pictures but they're just repeats of what you're seeing here, and I think it would be too boring to just keep showing you pictures of the same thing over and over.

October Fest

October is a strange month. The weather is just now starting to turn cool, but it's definitely not October cool. A good friend and I have decided to try and yard sale this month in an effort to get rid of a whole lot of junk we've collected, gathered and carted around for far too long. We set up this past weekend and did fair on Saturday. Sunday was a very slow day however. It wasn't until we were in the process of cooking steaks on the grill for our dinner that we started getting many customers and from then, throughout our attempt to have our dinner we had customers, LOL. Guess they must have smelled the steaks cooking! We're going to try and yard sale each weekend this month, hoping we can get most of our stuff sold off because we really don't want to have to store this stuff through the winter. We have only touched maybe 1/5th of the stuff we need to sell, the rest of it being stuffed into the loft and back half of my shed and we had to get the stuff we had out this past weekend out of the shed so we could get it cleared enough to get to the rest of the junk. Now, the stuff that didn't sell last weekend is all crammed into my smallest bedroom so we can spend part of this week digging out in the shed in order to get more junk out for this weekend.

My Next (already started) Project

I ran across a beautiful shawl pattern on a yahoo group I belong to. It's called the Wisteria Shawl and was posted in the group as a crochet-along that occurred before I joined, but I think it's beautiful and so dug out some size 3 thread I had stored and started one. I did take a quick picture of the first bit I've gotten completed (worked on it while we were yard selling this weekend).

The picture really doesn't do the thread color justice, it's a much more vibrant shade, almost a salmon color. I think it's going to turn out great!

That Bedspread is Finally in my Room

I finally got moved back into my master bedroom and got to put the red and white afghan I made on my bed, which is thrilling to me because now I've gotten the room together and it looks great and it's the most peaceful place to sleep, or lay and read, or watch tv in now. I still have to switch my clothing out of the other room and put it into drawers and closet, but I'm working on that this week, and hoping that by Christmas time I've gotten everything out of the other room and have it set up as my crafting room. I can hardly wait till I can settle in there and crochet, or sew, or just read!
As you can see, my beagle likes the afghan too!

I placed the bed under the window because I like having air on me when I sleep.

Love this picture in the room.

This picture isn't quite as ideal a fit, but I needed another large picture for the wall by the bed and wasn't liking what I was finding out there, so when I ran into this one I thought it would go fairly well, and it certainly looked much better than the ones I'd seen up till then so I snapped it up.


Anonymous said...

You have really great taste on catch article titles, even when you are not interested in this topic you push to read it

Cat said...

Don't know where else to put this, do you ever go through the pattern links on your pattern collections page? There are many links that are broken and it would be nice to have a way to report these to you so that they could be removed.

jd said...

re wisteria shawl

i would really love to make this one. can you direct me to the pattern source? i can't find it on cro pattern central or google.
jd in st louis