Friday, July 13

Details, Details

Since several people have asked me about the joining on this latest afghan I thought I would show some pictures that give a bit more detail of the stitching around my squares as well as the edging. It's quite simple really, just chains that join in the middle but it gives the afghan a beautifully lacey effect.

Here is a close up of four of the squares joined with a medallion in the center.

Two squares joined together and the edging of the entire afghan.

A close up of the edging that surrounds the entire afghan.
This was done with 5 rounds of chain three and the last round of chain 5.

Another close up of the edging that goes around the entire afghan.

A close up shot of the edging that surrounds each square.

This was a process of figuring things out as I went along. I started with the chain 5 edging around each square and just played around until I found a number that fit for the squares.
Since I was winging this I ended up not making allowances for the "center" of the chain 5 edging which left a hole in the center. I filled that hole with granny medallions that I stitched into the hole. I edged the entire afghan with chain 3's because the chain 5's I was using to do my square joining was going to create too much ruffle as the edging. I did 5 rows of the chain 3's and then went back to chain 5's for the last row of edging.

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JM Ross said...

Norma, thanks again for being so obliging! It is so beautiful, and thanks for taking the time to post these closeup pictures of the joining and edging!