Thursday, July 12

Summer Projects

A quick update to show off the completed afghan, plus a couple other projects I've finished up. I think this turned out even better than I thought it was going to. Of course this afghan was "winged"- I had some of the squares, hurried up and finished the others and then used a simple chain stitch to join them. I added some round medallions to the big holes between joinings (told you I was winging it) then did a chain trim around in the same yarn I used for the medallions.
I think I have a buyer for this afghan. She's supposed to pay me the 25th of this month and I'll be jumping for joy when I see the money. It's the first project I've ever tried to sell and the woman didn't even bat an eye at the price I quoted. Makes me think I should have quoted higher, lol! No, really if she's willing to pay what I asked for, I'm pleased as punch to sell it to her.

As you know, I was working on a freeform project with a boucle yarn. I showed a picture of the work in progress with my last post. I'm happy to say I finished that project and so here's a picture of the completed shrug I was working on in that lovely boucle yarn.

This last project is made with Cozi Sapphire yarn, using up leftover skeins I had in my stash. I think it turned out really pretty.

Currently on my hook is another Cozi yarn shawl, this one is a rectangular shape and I'm using the color Evening Jewels. It's a beautiful mix of black, dark blue, turquoise and purple. I've slowed my pace with projects a bit due to the heat of summer. I also have other projects working out in my yard that keep me from picking up the hook as much as I was. Still adding completed projects to my craft fair stash, just not at the fervent pace I was before.

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