Wednesday, June 27

A Little of This, A Little of That

Well, it seems that the hot weather has kept my crocheting to a minimum and so there aren't all that many things to show with this post. I'm working slowly on finishing up a scrap project I started over a year ago. A granny square afghan that I had been collecting squares for is finally coming together. I finished up the squares necessary, then started edging and joining and am at this point with it now:

I have seven more squares to add on and then I'm making center medallions for those holey spots you see in the picture, in pink. Will edge with the pink and then finish a trim row in the soft white. I hope it turns out to be as pretty as I think it will be.

Another scrap project I finished but am not nearly as pleased with is this purse. I'm not sure if it's because what I had envisioned for the project had to be modified due to running out of the fancy yarn I used or if it simply just isn't what I wanted at all but I consider this one of my failed projects (I'm sure there will be many of those in my future). Not sure yet what I'll do with the thing but for now it's going into my finished projects box.

On a sunnier note, here's a picture of a project I started yesterday. This is going to be a shrug once it's complete. I love the boucle yarn that is used for the project and working with it isn't all that bad, probably because I'm using such a large hook which makes it easier to get through the yarn. I really am pleased with this one so far though and hope that it turns out as nice in the finish as I think it is going to at this point.

Here is a close up of the project so you can see the yarn. Now isn't that pretty?

I hope you are all finding creative ways to beat the heat, and enjoying your summer. Till next time, happy crocheting!


Poisonlily said...

That blanket is just so beautiful! Can't wait to see the finished blanket!

Anonymous said...


I want to congratulate you for your beatiful family, lovely pets and pretty work. And ... what tomatoes !. Enjoy your salad!!

Have a nice day.
Claire Smith. Crochet Partners.