Wednesday, June 13

Summertime has hit without regard to my crochet plans. My a/c unit is out and so I've been living with the heat which until now has been surprisingly low in humidity. Anyone who lives in this area knows that humidity is perpetually high but for some reason it's been relatively low. Until this week that is. Tomorrow temps will hit the 90's and the humidity is going up the scale and without a/c I'm sure I'll be a wet sticky mess around 6 p.m. each evening through the rest of this week. Ugh!

I've been crocheting but not producing. Working on using scraps up at this point and I've a surprise project that I can't show or speak about yet. Not until it's complete. This has been my major project for the last two weeks and when I get finished I'll post pictures. Outside of this project I've done very little other crochet. Made a cute little bookmark, freeform out of scrap yarn and have plans on using up other scraps in this same manner. Just not working on anything prolifically at this point.

A quick picture of the bookmark for you all:Now isn't that cute? I started with the white "flower" in the center, found in my box of scrap yarn, then used other scraps and even a bead making it.

I've been adding links to my HQ page and have now reached the landmark of 2nd place on the site's listings for most number of links. I have a long way to go before I hit number 1 however.

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