Sunday, May 27


As promised, I have pictures of the items I finished.

Bookmarks first. Here is the butterfly bookmark.

Here are two Starflower bookmarks.

I have also finished two Fleur De Lys bookmarks.

I also made the Dandelion Handbag using a skein of vintage yarn called Spun Snow carried with a white kitchen cotton. I lined the bag with a satiny material. I haven't decided if I want a flower on the bag or not, so I'm calling it finished for now.

Here are a couple more Rasta Hats I've finished.

I've started and frogged a couple more bookmarks, starting to get bored with doing them and I've still got a MAM one on my hook. Once I finish it I'll put bookmark making on hold and move to flowers in preparation for completing the finishing touches on those hats I made.

The wrap is moving along slowly. I am finding that I have to work on it late at night when the temperature has cooled down, otherwise I'm sitting there sweating all over it as I'm crocheting. These warmer temperatures have their benefits and drawbacks. What I've found odd for this area is the lower humidity which helps it feel ten degrees cooler than it actually is. Guess the summer heat will hit us soon enough and I'm certainly grateful today that it's not sweltering.

How difficult do we make it on ourselves and those around us when we can't find gratitude for whatever we have, wherever we are in our lives? I have found that no matter what I have or don't have, I am always provided what I need. I live a very simple life and perhaps this explains that circumstance but I think it's just that a life of faith, a real, authentic life lived in the moment brings peace to our souls. So I don't have a villa in France but I do have the ability to appreciate what I am offered, if it's just as simple as a day spent at the river's bank, sitting out with my crochet and my dog with the company of a friend.

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