Friday, September 11

Late Night Endeavors

Ok, so, I sat up tonight watching an old Frank Sinatra movie and playing around with some crochet work. I say playing because I have already frogged what I accomplished due to it not turning out correct. I am not sure if it was me, or the pattern, or a combination (though I'd bet my life it's a combination), but it wasn't coming out correct and I just had to give up for the evening.

With the CAL just around the corner (starts Sunday) I don't want to get involved in too intricate or time consuming of a pattern, and so I played with this pattern and a yarn I liked to see if it would work gauge-wise. I think it will and I really like the yarn and think it will work most excellently with this particular pattern and so I'll shelve this lil' project until after the CAL is over.

Since I don't traditionally work with lacier weight yarns I think I'm going to have to pay close attention to this Peacock Scarf pattern, and moreso because it's going to be given in bits, via audio files. I'm excited about starting the project but I also don't want to put too much else on my plate and get myself overwhelmed. That's a sure-fire way to end up with unworked items gathering dust in the corner. I still have a couple of! I guess I'm doing good, I only have a couple of PIGs that I absolutely don't intend to pick back up. Need to get busy frogging!

As for PIGs that I have temporarily shelved, well, I only have four of those so my determination to finish all those tossed aside projects has paid off over the last couple of years. I had at least a dozen when I decided to start focusing on them. Let me tell you, there's a definite reason they were all gathering dust...some I just didn't like the way the pattern was looking as I worked it up, some I got bored with or found too frustrating (when you frog the same item 4, 5, even 6 times it gets waaay old, and the yarn starts looking pretty gnarly), and some I just let slip through my fingers, stashed them away and forgot I had them going.

One of my major aims has been to use all those odd afghan squares I have managed to collect through the years. Having pared down and through various colors I ended up with a bunch of different red ones and a bunch of different blue ones so I decided to make a red granny afghan with those red squares for my bed. I took the squares I had and made a bunch more to go with them, dividing them into equal portions of granny squares and sampler stitch squares. I then edged each with a round of sc in black, joined them and edged the whole piece in a nice wide border of black. I turned out beautifully, it's big enough to act as a bedspread for a full size bed, or a coverlet for a queen sized bed. I'm so proud of it, and love having it spread out on my bed.
Here's the finished coverlet.

Some of the individual squares when I was trying to decide layout.

Some more of the various squares, close up.

Here is the piece just after joining all the squares together with a round of sc around each.

Now onto those blue squares which are all different sizes. This poses quite a challenge, but I think I have an idea....forthcoming. Until then, tah folks, and happy crocheting.

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