Sunday, September 13

Scarf CAL

I got up late this morning to find we got our first set of audio instructions for the CAL. I was thrilled, sat down immediately with my yarn and hook and started. It didn't take very long to complete that first stage, in fact, it took so little time I'm anxious for more, lol! Now I know patience is a virtue, but it's one I don't happen to possess and so I'm all geared up to be crocheting on that scarf and I'm done, until I get the next set of instructions. Waahhh, pout, pout!

So, thought I'd share pictures of the first stage, completed, with you all this morning.

Here's a shot of the first stage, taken as it lay on top of my kitchen table. I think the red underneath shows off the details of the piece.

Here is another shot of the piece, laying atop a plain white sheet of paper. I think this shot gives you a better idea of the actual color of the yarn.

Now, for this project I needed a fingering weight yarn that wasn't acrylic. I have a very small assortment of fingering weight yarn in my stash, but it's all acrylic or acrylic blend so I got to go shopping. This particular yarn called Palette had 50 or more different delicious colors to choose from and I had a hard time making a choice. I will definitely end up back at the Knit Picks website ordering some more colors of this yummy fiber.

So, now I'm simply waiting for the next audio installment of the CAL to arrive for download and looking through my stash to come up with something else to work on in between installments. I have so many choices that it's hard coming to a final decision. Ever have that problem? I've been trying to look through my stash and just let something in there jump out at me. It hasn't quite worked yet, oh, there have been some things that have murmured or whispered my name, but nothing yet that has been so bold as to demand I pick it up and work with it. Guess this will dictate that I next start perusing patterns and see if any of THEM call to me. LOL, such a quandry.

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