Thursday, January 11

Days Past Epiphany

Well today is the first post in a first endeavor to give voice to this creator and her soul. What impassions this writer, poet, mother, woman, artisan, girl-child, princess, bread-earner, spirit, sprite, fiercely independent woman fluxes with the growth or stagnation of body, mind, spirit and soul. The expression of these facets is ordered by a combination of circumstances and generational history. Until recently my focus, my resolution was to circumvent the generational disease, to take that history, release, relearn and produce a set of dynamics as a family legacy with sense of place and sense of value and to leave that to my children and live it myself. Sometimes we live the dream, fulfill the design, sometimes we fall short but through it all I firmly believe we are giving ourselves hope, vision, and inner peace; a sense of final resolution for our souls.

With this post I find my life shifting into a new phase; a major shift that offers me the opportunity for self-discovery, maybe for the first time since I was a young girl. I find myself pretty much, completely free. I have time and space, have moved a few steps from the wolf's door and feel that I actually have options now. The feeling is simultaneously thrilling, releasing and scary and I am embracing it with all my energy.

Today I had to take my newest little girl to the vet for spaying. I am missing her already and keep remembering how scared she was when she was taken. I pick her up tomorrow and while I know it's not really a big deal I just keep thinking about her. I have two other dogs, but Honey is the baby. She's a little beagle, a rescue, 7 months old, smart as a whip, eager to please and just a baby doll. Her favorite position is on her back in your arms, snoring away. She lays there belly-up, with her bottom legs splayed and her forepaws perched and when she wakes up, she snuggles into your chest, looks up at you with those clover honey eyes and melts your heart.

I have one other smart as a whip dog. He's a mix of Husky and Pitt Bull, black and white, sleek and lean, all ears and feet; that's Baby. He's the only dog I've ever chosen for myself. I got him at five weeks of age; picked him from a litter a friend's dog had. He was the runt of the litter, the whiner and the only one that wasn't like his brothers and sisters. My friend's daughter carried him around from the time he was born, playing with him, talking to him and just loving him up. She called him Marshmallow. He's now over 7 and getting to be an old man but can still run like the wind which is exactly what he does whenever he gets the chance. He's dug holes all around the circumfrence of my fence so I have to keep him on leash or chain when he's outside.

The third, Zoey, is another rescue. She's got a huge square head and the personality of a Lab, the fuzzy undercoat of a Chow, along with purple markings on her tongue and the brindled coat of a Pitt. Overall, she's beautiful. She is funny, thinks she's a lap dog as does Baby, lol. Her favorite pasttimes are drooling on your leg as she's getting her ears scratched.

So, those are my children for the immediate future. Any plans I make have only the three muttketeers to dictate them. I spend a lot of time at home right now, and that gives me a great deal of time for one of my many passions which is a very good thing because this passion takes a great deal of time to create. That is crochet. I learned as a young child to crochet and knit, did it a few years then moved into sewing and gave up the needlework. Some 25 years later I picked up a crochet hook again, because one day at work I found a pattern for a Christmas tree skirt and I loved it. I ended up making six of those skirts that year. Hey, I have a large family!

This past year I've begun crocheting clothing and though I'm still basically following patterns, I'm learning the art of designing while learning to make the clothing pieces. My most recent clothing project is Caron's Open Weave Skirt. I have the skirt completed, it's done in Jewel Box, Obsidian, according to pattern. I am creating a shrug to compliment the skirt, in the same yarn with the same stitch pattern as the skirt. It's given me fits for about three days and so I frogged for the last time, put it up and am taking a hiatus from the project. Will post pics as soon as I finish the piece. Meantime I've been working on creating squares to add to some pastel squares I'd collected from various exchanges, with the intent of turning them all eventually into an afghan. I also have a collection of blue squares that I'm accumulating, aspiring to create a blue granny and two more UFO's that are hand-me-downs from my mom, a box with small grannys (approx 3x3) some in white, some in white with flowers atop, that will eventually become a lapghan and a bag of thread motifs that I haven't gotten to consider long enough yet to figure out what they'll become. These are just the large UFO projects, there are plenty more on my shelf. We'll save those for a different post.

I'm going to close out with a couple shots of the pastel squares and save photos of other items for later. I certainly hope you've found this a refreshing and interesting read and perhaps a bit of inspiration for your own craft. Happy crocheting all!

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