Sunday, January 14

Crochet, travel and staying up late

Tonight I sat up late, let the rain drench ground already sacrificed, watched a couple movies with a friend, crocheted and considered myself lucky to have such great company.

She crocheted on her blanket. She's making one of those Loose Ends afghans. You know them, the kind where you take the leftover yarn and tie the pieces together. She decided she wanted to make one and is now planning to give it as a gift to her daughter's friend.

I sat and worked on a bucket purse, finished it. It's actually a piece I did, that I had to redo. A bucket purse done with chenille and Boa yarn. My friend is going to line it for me. Then I tried to go through and refile the patterns I'd drug out, all the ones I'd completed, and all the ones I didn't think I'd be making this time around.

I take crochet very much like I do writing. In waves. When the urge hits me, I have to be thinking, working on something. I find myself distracted, deep inside my head, constantly, constantly thinking. I feel a sense of urgency to be at the keys or to feel the hook, and an excitement that leads to insomnia. I believe that all creation and creating demands from us, both as people and as artists. We effect social consciousness with the action of creation and for some of us, this alone is enough reward.

My crochet goal for this spring is to clear out ufo's before I can move on to some items for myself. I don't have that many ufo's which is a very good thing for my nerves. I'm itching to move on to these new projects, but if I do this before I've clearned out those pesky ufo's well, then I'll have no room to place the new pieces as I finish them out. I've recently acquired a few new books and I'm wanting to make at least a dozen of the patterns for myself. It's strange to think about making clothing for myself and I realize that for the first time I get to think about only myself when it comes to the patterns unless I choose to make something for another person. For the first time, I get to think about only me when it comes to everything in my life. I've never felt so selfish in my life. I've never BEEN so selfish. This is a whole new morning, when I finally have that opportunity to come full circle back to the woman. I am not sure I've quite grasped that yet.

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