Friday, January 26

It's a Dog's Life

Good Friday! For some of you that would be TGIF but for me Friday is just another day. I've picked the shrug back up and worked on it a bit. Seems this project is going to take a lot longer than I had originally thought. But then, I'm not the fastest crocheter around and this item is a going out on a limb, make it up by the seat of your pants thing anyway. Besides, even with all this time on my hands I simply cannot sit for too long at a time. In the meantime I've finished a scrap scarf, another new pattern that I will post soon for you readers (with pictures). I call it the 2+1 Scarf.

I think I've finally gone bonkers and probably need to be hauled off to a padded cell somewhere to start basket weaving (which sounds like fun, just not in this context). I acquired Miss Honey, the beagle I mentioned in my first post and I always seem to get attached too easily, but it's done now and I've had her shots and spay and everything else taken care of and bought a few items and of course crocheted her the cutest collar/scarf and crocheted her a doggie sweater as well. Well, you didn't think she'd escape THAT did you?

One thing I can do with Honey that I can't with my other dogs is take her with me. She loves riding in the car, will hang ten in the window all the way down the road. I worry about that though because I don't want her slipping or flying around in the car should anything happen so I went car seat searching. The local chain store had nothing of course, the pet store had a few selections but nothing that worked for me. Besides, the prices they wanted for their items! Oh my! Time to surf! After much perusing I finally chose and ordered a pet carseat/carreir/stroller. Yes! A stroller! And Pink at that! Well, we shall see if I like it half as much when it arrives as I did on the website when I ordered. LOL! I'll be sure to post pics.

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