Monday, January 15

Such an interesting life, given to reflection, creation and wistful imagining

So, I discovered today that the technique I dubbed "Loose Ends" is actually called Magic Ball. It's an interesting and colorful technique; my friend loves the "back" side (the one without the tails) maybe more than she does the right side. I find it one of those fascinating and interesting things to do, but there's a part of me that needs more symmetry in my creation. For information on the technique you can go here.

The rain is still coming down, weather channel keeps telling me it's almost over, some heavy downpours periodically today and then a waning tonight. I will be grateful when it's over because, though we may get cold next it won't be freezing rain and we've had nothing more than snowflakes this year so overall it's been a mild winter. Still with the rain comes the aches and pain therefore today I've plans to nurture myself, having started already with heat, and intending to go through stretching, hot soak, stretching again and then the radiant heat device.

The dogs are restless, they've been kept in too long by the rain. They dislike having to stand in the sopping grass, they're only going out for bodily necessities so they have become whiny with me and raucous with one another, especially the puppy.

I've finished two more squares on the pastel afghan. Have been giving some thought on how I'd like to put it together. I was thinking I might like to do a lacy weaving of each square with the others. This would produce an airy, delicate piece with the light colors. I was also considering using the flat braid method ( even though if I make it that way I'll need to make more squares. This will create a more solid piece, that will still have some delicacy due to the method of joining used. Wow, so many ideas, so little time to put it all into practice! I've already collected more patterns than I would use in two lifetimes and enough yarn to last me at least fifteen years I do believe and yet, I still want to finger it or thumb through it, pick it up and bring it home!

With that thought in mind I'm off to reheat the pads wrapped around my back, finish reading mail and then stretch and start that hot bath water. I hope your day is lovelier than mine, that you stay warm and content for today. I hope you enjoy the links in todays journal, let me know what you think on that afghan. You can leave comments at the link beneath my entries, so you can actually tell me why you think I should use either method I'm considering, or even a totally new method. I'm always open to suggestions.

CrochetPoet doing peachy keen and not floating down the river yet!

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