Friday, January 12

Honey, I'm home!

Went this morning and picked Honey up from the vet. I've been beagle sitting since. She's feeling a bit puny, but i do think she'll be bouncing about in a couple days. I've just got meds to keep feeding her until she gets better. The biggest chore though is keeping her from roughhousing with the other dogs.

I sat last night and created a square that I've dubbed the Sunup Square for the pastel afghan. Will have pictures and I'll even post the pattern soon as I test it for accuracy. first pattern, (at least, the first that's actually written down and going to be tested). I just love the creations I'm seeing in crochet these days and itching to create my own. Patience, I tell myself, I'm still learning, which I suppose will be ongoing as long as I crochet, but I'm thrilled that I've begun to understand how to write patterns.

There's really little else to say, today was one of lethargy, pup-nursing and relaxing and I didn't even pick up a hook! I have done so much this past year though that I was ready for a short break. Lol, it's funny that taking a break now means that I'm sorting yarns and getting ideas, looking through patterns, looking for new books at the library to check out (my tried and true method of deciding which crochet related books to buy), and sifting through patterns I have on hand, trying to decide which one I'll do next. I need to sit down and plan a list of presents for next Christmas and start working. Hey, I already told you I have a huge family!

Till next post...

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