Monday, April 16

Ever Notice How Quickly Plans Go Awry?

Seems like life is keeping me hopping these days. Staying so busy I am finding it difficult to make the time to post on here! Busy is good though, and I have been busy working on crochet projects and running errands. Errands are just no fun but the crochet is.

I worked on a roll brim hat and matching purse most of last week. The hat came from a pattern from the Lion Brand site, the purse is constructed using the roll brim hat as a model. I wanted a purse that imitated the shape of the hat and not only was that effect achieved, I think it turned out stunningly. I used three strands held together, one was a worsted weight acrylic in country blue, the second was a NoBo yarn in a turquoise with eyelash and speckles of colors attached and the third strand was a variegated eyelash. The handle is clothesline that I crocheted over with the three strands. I found a button that mimics the effect of the color "bumps" in my button box and used it for the purse. This picture gives a good shot of the button. While it's not an exact match I think it works really well.

I also worked up this shawl from the Galaxy Shawl pattern at the Bernat web page. I used the lovely color called Pluto. Pattern link:

In addition I also managed to eek out one more square for the pastel granny afghan I'm working up. My progress is very slow but hey, there are no deadlines on any of these so I can afford to take my time. This is especially good since after I finished the last square and stashed it with the others that I have done, I discovered that they are all different sizes anyway. I thought they were all eight inch squares. Nope! Some are eight inches, some are seven inches and there are even some that are six, six and three quarters, seven and one eighth. Oh boy! I can see that I'm going to be adding rows to many of them and just praying I can get them all to turn out the same size.

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Sheila said...

What a lovely set. I enjoy making hats. Right now I'm helping my daughter with a messenger bag... its coming along pretty nicely. Also Thanks for posting on my Lila Sweater over at Crochetville.