Thursday, April 26

Thunder, Buckets and Tuckered Honeys

Thunder Over Louisville
Last Saturday was Thunder, an event that marks the beginning of a time like no other here, when suddenly the spotlight shines upon the people of this otherwise small town, sleeping quietly at the river's bend. The hometown hospitality comes out, neighbors and strangers mix at events, in the bars, at the track at dawn, watching the horses exercise. Even here sadly much of that neighborliness has disappeared but Derby time brings it out in people and the convergence of the masses suddenly fills the streets night and day. Whiskey, horses, women and parties. Charity events ranging from the hilarity of the Bed Races to the semi-formality of the Barnstable Brown party, abound and rhythms of musicians on Waterfront Park occur almost daily throughout the two weeks. This is commingling of rich and poor, middle class, hip hop and rock and blues, out of towners, south enders and east enders all caught up in a feverish anticipation which culminates in the greatest two minutes in sports. There are many celebrities, many more people who though not celebrities are within the same socioeconomic class and living similar lifestyles and it is amazing how much money flows in such a short time. Amazing also is how the town fills, swelling by two or three times itself and on the whim of weather can sell out of almost anything in two days. I've seen a time when you couldn't buy a coat in Louisville because the usually warm spring turned bitter, many times when you couldn't rent a room and I've even seen times when umbrellas were like gold nuggets and as hard to find but that's just the way it is here in our town, you just never known what's coming around the corner, or down or up the river. Some links to various events:

Now Onto Crochet
The past few days I've been busy
making small items, thought I would share with you all just what I've been up to.

I haven't decided yet what to trim the blue bucket hat with, leaning toward a flower and while I like the picture of the rose hat with the ribbon around it, I'm not so sure I like the actual look of it in person so the ribbon as trim isn't a solid deal yet. I made another bucket hat in purple tonight, smaller than these two. Just haven't photographed it yet. The orange yarn is something that sat around here for a long time before it finally became a scarf. I have a bit left and I'm contemplating what to make with it. Something to go with the scarf I think, just not sure yet if it will be a hat, or possibly wrist warmers.
Here's a close up of the orange scarf. I just love the flecks of red orange and purple in the fuzzy yarn.

Honey Pie
My Honey pie tuckered herself out the other day and climbed up on top of the blue pillow on the couch and got comfortable. Apparently sleeping on the pillowtop wasn't as comfortable once she'd gotten into a rumbling slumber because the next time I looked here she was in all her glory. Of course I couldn't resist memorializing her funny, rather awkward comfort.

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