Wednesday, May 23

A Few Things to Wrap Up

I figured out what configuration the bricks embedded in my yard were in, a half-circle. I haven't dug them out yet and there are considerably less than I was hoping for so I'm going to have to rethink the usage of them.

I've had no luck with the tomatoes, they died and now I want to rush out and pick up some and maybe get green peppers as well. I have the spot cleared in the yard, need to lay out top soil and border the bed, then plant. Instead of tomatoes though I'll be moving my lilies to that bed. Still, I may end up getting a couple tomato plants just because the thought of garden fresh tomatoes is tantalizing and I'd already gotten my hopes up by picking up the starts that have died. Fresh tomatoes are the best!

On a crochet note, I am currently working up The Wrap for myself for this winter. I have a hard copy of the pattern, picked up from WalMart I'm sure. It's been on my list of things to do for quite some time I just hadn't figured out what yarn combination I wanted to make it with. I really like the pattern done in black Fiesta and R.H. super saver but since my ideal here is to use up what I have in my stash I just wouldn't let myself go purchase the yarn specifically for this project. Ironic that I'll go pick up some yarn from a sale bin and add that to the stash but rather than buy for any project specifically I'll pull out the determination card and force myself to either try and use from the stash or not buy, lol, and let me tell you that's a difficult thing to do indeed, not buy yarn! Anyway, I happen to have a load of R.H. Heather in Purple Heather and so I ran upon it again in a stash trolling spree and decided (this time at least) it was the perfect yarn for this particular project and so out it comes. I had to rip it out and restart because the N hook the project calls for was larger than the N hook I pulled from my supplies. Funny thing is, I did a swatch before I started and it seemed to come out right but it sure wasn't working up right. So far I'm enjoying, it's an easy pattern, works up lightening fast and I should have it completed inside a week I believe.

As filler projects for times I want a break I've been working with thread to create bookmarks to add to my craft fair stash. I haven't taken pictures yet but I promise they'll be posted soon.

My nephew graduates grade school tomorrow night. He called to invite me to the graduation. Seems like the kids grow up all too quickly. I wish I'd thought to make him something. I doubt he'd really appreciate a bookmark or scarf, lol! He's really into wrestling these days! Ugh!!!!! I swear here and now there won't be a "rasslin'" afghan made though I do think I'll be starting one for him soon that will see him off to college.

Ah, I also made a purse that I'm quite pleased with and promise with the next post to have pictures of all the little goodies that worked their way off my hook this last week. Till then, happy crocheting all!

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