Tuesday, May 8

A Farewell to Yarns

Finally, time and energy together at once, took my pictures and have new goodies to show you all. I followed the events throughout Derby but had my own activities to attend to. I had an exploratory procedure done and will have results in a couple weeks.

So, having gotten snagged on a particular scarf I was making I ended up doing some other things, then finally finishing the scarf and a few more items and now we're up to today, which has me working on another shawl in that lovely Dynasty Fuzhio yarn I bought at Hancock's a few weeks ago. I ended up having to go back and purchase more of the ribbon (actually more like shoestring and just lovely to work with) yarn I bought in order to finish one of my new projects.

The scarf that snagged me up started out as the Flamenco Wrap triangular scarf. which I think is a gorgeous pattern but since I knew quickly into the project I didn't have enough of the railroad yarn I was working with I decided to just use the stitch pattern for the main piece and make this.
I finished the shawl off with an edging of alternating sc and a cluster of hdc,dc,dc,hdc. Put a quaint little touch to the shawl and I think it should do well at the marketplace. Had one lady exclaim that she loved the ribbon yarn and wanted me to make her a tunic in the same yarn. I will see this week if she's serious about the project, then give her an idea of cost. Not sure I can even find the yarn at a decent enough price for it to be affordable for her. I certainly don't want to do the work for free and I know how much yarns like these cost full price. We'll see. As you might suspect I will have pictures of the Flamenco Wrap at a future point since I haven't run across the right yarn for it in my stash yet.

Outside of some pink/black mix I have officially consigned all the railroad yarns I bought several years back to the scrap yarn bag. It's funny, with as much yarn as I have stashed here in this house I will miss this railroad type when it's gone. It started out as a bit of a hassle to work with and I was using it as a carry along with worsted weight yarns. I graduated to working with the yarn alone but it's always a bit tricky because it's so easy to miss the strand on the other side with your hook.

I worked up a couple more of those bucket hats with a smaller hook. I still haven't begun playing with decorative touches for all of them.

The most fun item I've worked on recently is The Golden Evening Wrap from The Little Box of Ponchos and Wraps. I used one of the yarns from Hancock's that I bought, in fact, had to go back for a bit more and I ended up buying the last three balls of it they had in the bin and have two balls and some of the third leftover. Heh, guess I'll have to find a small purse project for that yarn. It's turned out just wonderfully and I think it's overall the best project I've made lately.
The front of the wrap.
The back
The yarn used made the item bulkier than what is called for in the pattern but I think it's such a lovely colorway that it made the piece look like spun cotton candy. I can see this pattern working up with a variety of different yarns.
Here's a close up of the tie front.

The days have turned sunny and warm finally and I've been taking my work out on the back patio and letting the dogs run in the yard. Because I have two diggers and because one of my diggers is living outside now I've discovered a ring of brick buried in my yard a few inches down. I have intentions of digging it all up to see what was there; probably a flower bed. Might be enough bricks to do something like a fire pit with. I like the idea of finding and reusing something already at the house to make something else.

I recently participated in a CAL with a group I'm in. I whipped up this Solomon's Knot Shawl in one day! I suppose I should have gone with a larger starting chain since I didn't put the fringe that is called for on it.

Another bag I whipped out last week from another pattern found on the web. This one is called the Drawstring Cotton Bag and I used some balls of Sugar n' Cream cotton for the project.

Now that I've played catchup, I'll give you a sneak preview of the current WIP. This is another shawl, worked in a simple pattern and I love the way it's turning out.

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