Wednesday, May 9

How Wonderful is the World Wide Web?

Crochet Intellect Levels
Being such a novice at crochet it seems there is so much to learn about the craft that I'm not sure I'll get it all done. LOL, especially if I want to do any actual crocheting! I'm learning some basics and some intermediate concepts. I can do most stitches but I'm still struggling with yarn substitutions and with counts for various stitch patterns. I can follow to a tee, I just don't always know how to create from scratch. There are many sites I utilize in order to figure things out that I need or want to get done, and while I'm still wishing for a Crochet Stitch Bible and the Encyclopedia of Crochet I am quite happy with the options for solutions offered on the internet.

My HQ Page
This is partly the reason I started my HQ page. The other part is that I like having a centralized place where I can go to hunt patterns down. I have tried to categorize items into subsections; some of them are sparse and some are stuffed. The categories therein contain some duplicate links and some that are undoubtedly misfiled. For instance, I have tended to place most children's clothing items within the baby section and leave the kid's sections for older children's and teen's patterns. So if you utilize my page there are several hints I can give that might help your searches. One thing I have tried to do is keep the link as close to the actual name of the pattern as I can. This way if you know the name of the pattern you can do a search (Ctrl + f to bring up the search box) on the page itself. A hint, in order to search the actual page you must make certain that your cursor isn't in the search box on top of the page; this can be achieved by clicking on an open space prior to pressing Ctrl + f or by bringing up the search box and then using your mouse to click into the search box that appears at the bottom of the page. Some items are duplicate filed so if you're looking for plastic bag purse patterns you can find them in both Purses & Bags and Plastic Bag Crochet. I have also decided to leave dead links on the page and at the top I give an explanation of how to use the Wayback Machine to explore these dead links.

On my page are several links I utilize often when I'm trying to substitute yarns for projects. One place I really like is Yarndex because it makes yarn substitutions so much easier. There are some yarns that aren't listed but this site has a pretty comprehensive list. Another similar site for discontinued yarns is Vintage Knits. The Caron site also has a substitution chart for the yarns they carry. There are also several sites for substitution of threads. What comes to mind immediately is the old Crochet Partners substitution chart and the new blog, What Wheat Wrote that gives detailed information on thread comparison and substitution. Both are invaluable resources for the thread crochet enthusiast. Additionally there are a couple articles that offer information on various aspects of yarn here and here.

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