Thursday, May 17

Playing Catch Up

My latest creations in crochet. I've been busy making Rasta Hats, hoping to find a market for them in one of the local specialty shops here in town. I have two finished and more in the works.

These are done in traditional colors and ww yarn. I plan on making some in other shades and some in non-traditional colors as well. Here's hoping there is a market and they sell like hotcakes.

I made a Half Moon Shawl using Jewel Box yarn. It's small but very cute.

I made a couple triangle shawls done freeform. This one is made with a pretty pink ribbon yarn.

The other triangle shawl is also made freeform using one of those lovely Fuzhio yarns I purchased on sale at Hancock's. It's a lovely ocean color and so soft and cuddly.

I picked up some tomato plants today from a local Freecycler who had extras. Have some planting to do on them tomorrow. They are beefstake tomatoes, look healthy and I just love fresh garden tomatoes. The lady had so many of them that what I took was only about 1/6th of what she was giving away. I plan on sharing the plants with another friend of mine who also loves tomatoes. Afterall, how many tomatoes can one person eat at a time?

That's about it from my little corner of the net. I hope to have more Rasta Hats to post by the end of the weekend.

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