Wednesday, March 21

Lacy Crochet Shawl

Finished the body of the shawl late last night. Tucked in the tails this morning and took pictures for everyone to see. Here is the long view with the shawl thrown up over the shoulder on the other side of the dress form. I think it turned out exceptionally well and intend to make another one really soon. My intention is to use different colors of the ribbon yarn but I may just switch the type of yarn altogether to see if I an produce something that looks entirely different.

Here is a view of the back of the shawl:

Another view, this time a close up so you can see the lovely ribbon yarn I used. The wrapper on the yarn said IROSS and it's a 100% nylon yarn made in Italy. I think it's gorgeous and this particular combination is vibrant. Here's hoping someone loves it as much as I do since I'm trying to sell it (although I could as easily keep it for myself, lol)!

As I stated already I am not a very prolific or fast crocheter. Seems like it takes me forever to get things made and I wanted to start another of these shawls immediately but with the back pain I've got going on I've learned to pace myself. Hoping to get another going here in the next day or so. Like I said I may go through my yarns and pick something other than ribbon yarn to make the next shawl with. Since I'll be using the same pattern I don't want to end up with two products that are too similar. I think the idea of selling items at a booth is to offer the patron something no one else has. Even in a different color.

The other day I was perusing someone's flicker page and admiring their completed items when I discovered they also had some things for sale. I went looking and sure enough, bought. I got two broomstick lace needles, one really fat one and one that's a bit smaller. I blogged earlier about being interested in trying broomstick lace and then ran across these needles so cheap that I couldn't resist 'em. I also picked up a few pattern books, a couple were rug making booklets and I am going to love going through them as well. I have been saving material so I can try my hand at rag rug making and am hoping the leaflets will have some tempting patterns for me to try.

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