Monday, March 12

Playing Catch (up)

It's been a pretty busy week so I've not gotten to the blog to post things. Playing catch up now, if I can manage to get it all into one blog posting and if not, I'll simply split and make several postings till I get it all caught back up!

I've been busy trying to complete projects that I promised myself I'd get finished this spring. So far I've managed to knock off a few of them but had problems with that Cluster Stitch Doily I started two years ago. Kept having to frog the darned thing because it just wasn't working up right. Misread the pattern and had to have help with that (thanks yet again Nana Carol because you were so right about what I was doing wrong). Then ran out of the thread I was using and had to find another ball. I finally have it completed and have yet another problem with it. I am trying to view this as an opportunity rather than a problem. When I had to use new thread it of course didn't match up with the old thread. Of course! I don't know if you can see it in the picture, it's barely visible but it sticks out like a sore thumb to me. Rather than fret over the whole thing I'm going to use this as an opportunity to try something else I've wanted to try with crochet- dying. I'm going to turn the white/off white doily into a different color. Just haven't determined as of yet what I'm going to use to dye with. I have always wanted to play around with Kool Aid dying but not so sure I want to use it with this doily. I am leaning more toward using onion skin or tea or coffee and altering the color by shades rather than a dramatic color switch. Since the doily is just slightly off in color I feel that turning it into a subtle coffee color would be just the thing for it. I'll definitely let you all know what I decide and of course will post pictures once I've completed the project.

I have also picked up a Draped Bed Jacket project that is in my stash of PIGS. I made one for my mom at Christmas and it didn't fit. I took measurements and am making another in the same color and material (she just loved it) that I used for the original. I'm half finished with the main portion, which would be about 1/3 finished with the complete project.

Yesterday was my nephew's birthday. We had a party at a local pizzaria that caters to kids. You know, the type with the game rooms, separate party rooms and buffet. Well, they have the best pizza (in my opinion) in town and although we didn't book a private party room, we had a great time. My nephew just turned 11 and is into all that wrestling stuff. I think it's hokey, but hey, I'm not an 11 year old boy! We had a great time. Every gift he got was wrestling related too so that made him extremely happy.
Wrestling cake with Harley Davidson candle. When you twist it, the candle makes the sound of a Harley starting up.
Presents are great!

Cake is good too!

I've been working on projects for the craft fair that my friend and I are entering into this fall. I've completed a few more scarves. I started working on this beautiful shawl but had to frog that because of tension problems. We are trying a few different things for the craft booth. Scarves and hats, scrunchies and barrettes and shawls will be the staple items. My friend does beadwork and will be making some jewelry as well. I also intend to add various projects as I work on them through the year. Already have a shrug, a couple afghans and a top and jacket to put in. I'm also thinking some Christmas-sy things might go over well. We've talked with a couple people who have shopped this craft fair regularly over the years and from what they've told us most anything we make will go over. I'm sure hoping so because our game plan is to have a few of this and that and a bit more of staple items.

We also plan on having available two albums for people to look through. One will contain her works and the other mine. I am hoping this will prompt some orders for items, either items people see in the albums and like, or orders for items they have in mind that they feel we could make. We will also have business cards on hand as well.

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