Saturday, March 31

Stash Busting Spree

Thought I'd share some of the items I've recently completed. After playing with the new yarns and rifling through patterns on the internet and in my pattern stash I've been hit with inspiration and gotten a few more things completed for the craft fair box.

Starting with the Fuzhio yarn I purchased recently at Hancock's Fabrics, I hit upon a triangular scarf pattern I liked a lot and created this with the Russet colored yarn. It's very simple, but then that was what this soft, luxurious yarn called for.

Next thing is a simple chenille and flag yarn scarf. I had one ball of some NoBo black/white flag yarn that has been sitting around forever. I carried it along with some black chenille and worked it in a very simple dc/filet stitch pattern. I think it came out lovely. This picture is very small so it doesn't give really good detail but the scarf is very open and so soft. I imagine it will be one of the first things to go at the craft booth this year.

For this next piece I just grabbed a Q hook and some balls of Eyelash yarn I had laying around. It's totally off the top of my head, I made a chain, then started crocheting and ended up with this cute little shawl. What I like most about it is that the way I made the piece (hdc's with chains in between) gives the yarn enough room to drape slightly.

My next FO is the Hipster Scarf, a pattern made by Sandy Scoville, found in the book 24 Hour Crochet Projects. I made this using some leftover IRoss trellis yarn I had laying around rather than the Choo Choo called for in the project. After all, the whole idea here is for me to be using up my huge yarn stash. I'm talking really huge too; so huge I'm embarrassed to talk about it in actual quantities with anyone outside of my inner crochet circle (aka, my crochet buddy). But, I digress; this project didn't take nearly as much of the trellis yarn as I thought it would and so I've still got two balls of it in the same color to contemplate over for another project. That's two balls of THAT particular color mind you, I've got some of it in other colors too. Yup, stash!

So, it appears I've been busy, which is a good thing. I prefer to call it being hit with inspiration even though I know it's just the perfect excuse to keep from doing housework. But, like writing, when inspiration hits you gotta run with it. And who wants to do housework anyway, right?

In between creating combinations and following directions to complete some projects and reduce some stash I also have spent time surfing the net, keeping up with the emails from various groups I'm in and adding links to my HQ page. In one of those mails this link got posted and I thought it was so interesting and darned cute too!

There is an actual competition going on so I urge you all to place your votes!

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