Thursday, March 22

Stormy Thursday

Sleeping in the rain is a favorite pastime, have I mentioned this already to you all? I love to lay snuggled in the warmth of covers and listen to the rain hit glass and shingle, the impact making a variety of sounds contingent upon the direction and strength of wind, the type of raindrops (some are fatter and some sleeker you know. Some are refreshing and some pellet the exposed landscape), and the type of storm going on outside. There are light showers that seem to replenish; the worms come up from underground, the birds dart and flit in the puddles as drops plop; fat, happy drops warm with summer's season. I like the sound of wind in a dangerous storm, how it crashes against the window; a madness frustrated with impenetrable force. Each storm is unique and so taking time to experience them all is important you know.

I upgraded to Firefox 2 last night and added some perks to the upload. I am really enjoying one called Stumble Upon. It brings up various items, scraps, snippets, and puzzles based upon your preferences and continues to hone what it offers based upon your response to what you're shown. Interesting concept and sure hold my attention for a while. I've already brought up some magnificent (and I mean stunningly, awesomely, take your breath away magnificent) pictures of tornadoes forming and dispersing. I've been sent a site that allows you to make kaleidoscopes. If you upgrade to Firefox 2 I highly recommend Stumble Upon as an add-on to your browser.

Picked up the Skipping Stones Afghan once again. Yet another project that I have three or four rows left to finish off.

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