Friday, March 16

Sneak Peek: One Complete, One Progressing

Today I finished off the messed up shrug that was an experiment gone bad a few weeks back. Since I had frogged this shrug so much it caused the yarn I was using (Jewel Box) to separate and the resulting piece wasn't all that pretty and didn't match the skirt very well. I had decided to scrap the shrug as a go-along with the skirt but was going to keep it and finish it off to use as my personal shrug for around the house. My old one is getting pretty ratty. I'm wearing it now, it is very comfy even if it isn't elegant looking, lol. Here is a view of the shrug completed and below, a view up close of the edging.
I am also posting a few shots of the draped bed jacket I am working on to replace the one I made for my mother at Christmas (it didn't fit her). I had intended to have the project a little further along before posting for you all but something came up at the beginning of the week that made crocheting almost impossible for me until today. So I got to start the other side of the main piece on the shrug today. Once that is finished I'll sew up the sides and start on the cuffs and collar. Even though I'm doing this project for a second time exactly as I did the first one (outside of just making the overall project a little bigger). I really don't mind because this is such a wonderful pattern to work.
Normally, once I work a pattern I move on to something else, so making this one more than once is unusual for me. I also plan on making another for myself, but that will be later this year.

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