Monday, March 19

Rainy Monday

I believe rainy days are meant for sleeping and crocheting. Today I've picked up a shawl and am working on it, as well as updating pages and generally goofing on the internet. The shawl is done in a beautiful ribbon yarn (picked up cheap at Big Lots of course), the pattern is called Crochet Lacy Shawl and can be found here:
This is another item I'm putting in the lot for the craft fair. I'm hoping it will go over well because I think it's lovely. I plan on making one more in a different color. My aim for this fair is to have a variety of items and if I make duplicates only making one or two in different colors or yarns. Original fashion items are sure to appeal to the crowd of high school kids that are bound to be at this craft fair. The fair is held at a local high school and has been in place for more than twenty years. In addition to the teens there are a lot of older folks who come to this event every year. I am going to try and appeal to them with the afghans I make and some other items like potholders and placemats as well as Christmas items. Since this is our first year my friend and I thought we'd try a variety and see which items sell the best and put our focus there for next years' fair.

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