Thursday, March 1

Thunder over Louisville (and rain, and lightening and maybe tornadoes too)

Finished the curly scarf. I think it turned out great. Used Caron Jewel Box in Garnet color. The picture doesn't really show the richness of the yarn, but this closeup does give a good idea of the color mix in it. I have more Jewel Box in different colors so I'll definitely be making more scarves like this one in those colors.

Rain came through last night, bringing a change in temperatures, a warming. Temperature wise, it's just wonderful outside today. Balmy, fresh smelling, like the whole world got washed clean overnight. There is a price for this warmth though, unfortunately. We are under a tornado watch for the entire day. We also are supposed to have thunderstorms off and on all day. I'm trying to focus on the gorgeous warm weather though and not think about the threat it also poses.

After finishing off the scarf last night I picked my doily back up and began working on it again. The problem I was having with it was resolved thanks to some sage advice from Nana Carol. It seems to be working out exactly like it's supposed to and I'm hoping I can finish it up today and get it blocked soon. I just wanted to say a public thank you to Nana Carol for her help. I am usually able to figure out problems with patterns on my own but this one had me stumped big time and so her explanation of what I was doing wrong came just in time for me.

Since I have amassed a large quantity of threads I'm keenly interested in doing some doily projects in different colors. Leaning toward some of those lovely colored flower doilies I've seen. I've never attempted one, heck, I don't even attempt doilies often but I have so much thread I just wanted to see what I could do.

I've also been looking at painted doilies with an eye towards trying one of those soon. For those who aren't familiar with this technique I'm posting a link for you all to see what it is:
Here is another site with images of them:
They are so stunning. It's a pretty simple technique, using thread or embroidery floss (separate the strands). You start in one color and as you go around the rounds you replace threads individually with either a new color or a different shade thus gradually changing the color/shade as you go through the rounds of the doily. Ferosa Harold has put out a book on this technique with her own doily designs. You will find a copy of it here if you are interested in learning more about it:
There is also a lady who has taken the time to find doilies that will work well with this technique. You can find her list of doilies here:

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