Tuesday, March 27

Late Report

Today's Completed Projects
Tonight I put two more scarves in the craft fair box. One is a mile a minute style I worked up in a bouclé yarn and the other an attempt at the Peek-a-Boo Skinny Scarf pattern from the 2007 Crochet-A-Day calendar.

Thrift Stores; Creative Financing for all your AS needs.
Not many of the thrift stores around town carry yarn. There's one that is pretty close to me that carries a little yarn and sometimes has patterns. At the one closest to my home I've been told they carry yarn sometimes, but they keep it behind the counter and you have to get there the minute they open up and I'm just not into fighting little old ladies to get in the door at nine o'clock sharp. There is one store though, for some reason they seem to get ALL the yarn in town and they carry 95% of it at one particular store in an older neighborhood. I went there Monday because I was in that area of the city and being Monday, their stuff was 25% off. Whenever I get downtown I try to stop in there if I feel up for the jaunt and though I was hurting I was not totally worn out and it was still early in the day and it was Monday after all and 25% off, who can argue with that? Sure enough, they had yarn. They had more pattern books there than they normally carry but most of them were mixed crafting books and I didn't want to take the time to thumb through them all to see what crochet patterns were there so I focused on yarn. I picked up almost all the rug yarn they carry for my crochet buddy who has been amassing it to make a rug for her mother. I also found a roll of poly cord in a pretty gold color that she was excited about. Something about trying a purse with it.

For myself, I found a skein of red worsted weight to add to a scrap granny project I'm saving yarns for. I'm planning on doing a red/white/pink themed granny. I found the bouclé that I used for the mile-a-minute scarf above. I picked up a country rose and a winter white worsted weight because the price was too good (especially with 25% off) to pass it by. I also found 3 pearl 1 1/2" buttons to add to my rapidly growing pile. Guess we'll need to add BAS (button acquisition syndrome) to the growing list of acronyms because I'm always scouting the thrift stores for buttons for projects. After paying $5.00 for one button in the size I needed at a fabric store I decided to start looking for buttons on the cheap as well.

That's all the current from this crochet addict's life. Tomorrow my friend is stopping by and we'll be doing some listing of items on EBay (yes, there will be some yarn listed there; specifically a bunch of Bernat Galaxy and some Phentex boa yarn so if you're interested email me and I'll let you know where to go look). I hope all is well in your little corner of the net tonight. We've just had thunderstorms move through and so this girl is ready to go sleep in the rain.

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