Saturday, February 17

Fuzzy Slippers on Saturday Mornings

Again this year, every time we hear the weather and they predict snow we haven't gotten it. Leave it to the meteorologists to finally give us an official, coming down hard, looking like it's gonna stick around this time snow. It never fails when they tell us it's going to pass us by this time that we end up with it, and here it is, snow! The kid in me loves to see it piling up on the lawn, loves to get out there and roll up a snowman, taste it on my tongue and make snow angels. Then I'm done with it, spring can come. LOL

I've even seen it snow in July. How many people can claim something like that? When I was a child, my family lived in Germany and there it snowed in the middle of summer. We woke up that morning and when we looked out our window the whole world was white. It was stunning and my brothers and I quietly dressed and snuck out the window to play. In winter there we would build snow tunnels . The snow piled on the fencelines was high enough for us to burrow and pack and create space as tall as we were to play in. I've not seen many snows like that since I moved back to the U.S.

Yesterday, after posting and leaving the computer a feeling of release came over me. It broke for me what had been a period of limbo, where I had been feeling as if my life were stuck and I was unable to do anything about it. I suppose it came partly from the realization that my daughter truly was on her own now and I could change the direction of my life, moving from what it had been as mother and provider into a new era of self-discovery. Now, suddenly I'm not responsible for anyone but myself and while that is a freedom within itself there is also the question of just exactly who are you now? I suppose all of life is actually a process of leaving behind and moving forward, but when life shifts suddenly from one phase to another it has a bit more impact than a gradual shifting does. This is, I suppose, why tragedies are so difficult for people to cope with. You're suddenly thrust from one reality to another, more devestating one. From one end of the spectrum to the other, gradual as opposed to swift and devestating as opposed to empowering or enriching. I am anxious and eager to grab this new phase by the horns and ride it with everything I've got.

So I suppose you might like to see the snapshots of my slippers, which are on my feet right this very moment. I used some scrap Red Heart colors, a light purple strung along with a darker one that had flecks of other colors in it. I think they turned out great! First set of adult slippers I'd made since I started crocheting again. I'm thinking they may be a great item for a craft fair.

Today I'm working on my afghan and making scrunchies.
That's the plan at least. As soon as there's enough snow piled up out there I'll probably bundle up and head out. I may not be able to roll a snowman anymore but I think I might try a snow angel or two!

I like Saturday mornings, they're my lazy time of day. I most often get up early and then allow myself a nap later in the day. I use this time sitting here reading email, crocheting or sitting and reading a book, drinking coffee. The dogs take turns napping and playing, the birds are chirping outside my window. In warmer weather I open my blinds and let the morning sun into my front window. I have a piece of art glass hung in my window that has beveled edges which throw rainbows across my floor and walls and the effect of it is soothing and peacful for me.

I suppose that is how your home should be for you though, soothing and peaceful. After the whirlwind life of raising my rebel daughter, I can feel that peace and serenity permeating my atmosphere again. I have missed that so much.

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