Wednesday, February 14

Silent Morning

Well, we had some lovely snow blowing when I took the dogs out this morning. The ground was sprinkled with it and there were flakes of varying sizes twirling in the wind. The dogs discovered ice skating on a patch of frozen mudpuddle that formed when the temperatures dropped so suddenly after the rain yesterday. It was funny to watch them step onto it, skid slightly and then lunge and slide to the other side. Zoey broke through as she neared the outer edge, which stopped her in her tracks to give the slick surface a quizzical look and dip down, nosing to figure out what had just happened. Honey soon followed behind Zoey, pouncing and sliding across the surface, nose dipping and daring even to taste the frigid, muddy water. Later, Zoey wanted to sit and watch the flakes fall. I stood as long as I could stand it in the cold before cajoling her back in. There's no dragging this one, she's too big for me.

Thus began my morning. Hope you are all having a great one yourselves.

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