Thursday, February 22

Scrunchies Galore

In one of my recent postings I mentioned that I was working on a skirt and shrug project. The skirt was made with Jewel Box yarn using Caron's Openweave Skirt pattern. I was making a shrug with the same yarn in the same stitch pattern to go with it. Well, I had reported to you all about having to frog and re-frog the project. I should have started out with a ww acrylic I suppose because I frogged that Jewel Box way too much, the strands ended up separating and the resulting shrug just wasn't of the quality to match the skirt. I have abandoned the project, am taking the skirt as just a skirt and will attempt the project again perhaps, at a later point. This time though I'll be sure to use an acrylic yarn. I have learned a valuable lesson in the endeavor though, and this was worth messing up the yarn for. So, any further experiments I make will be done first in an inexpensive acrylic and worked until I'm satisfied I can make the object in the (delicate) yarn of my choosing. So, I have a picture of the finished skirt that I am posting for your viewing pleasure.

I've been busily working away at scrunchies, throwing them into a bag as I go. I'm using a few patterns that I particularly like but am mostly doing freeform on them. I'll post several of the pictures here for viewing and then tell you about a particular one that I made.

This one I'm calling the dream weaver scrunchie because it looks like a dream weaver to me.

This scrunchie is made from
some of the same ribbon yarn, but worked differently.

The next two are free handed just like the two above. I'm rather enjoying just playing with different combinations of stitches. This is a simple one worked with a worsted weight acrylic held along with an eyelash yarn.

This next is worsted weight in pink with a ladder yarn held with it.

These are only a few of the ones I've made so far, but some of the more interesting or unusual ones. I've also come up with another that I just love. It's sooo simple and just in time for spring.
In fact, I call it the Spring Ring Scrunchie. Now for the pattern.

Spring Ring Scrunchie

Scrap acrylic yarns, one in green the other in assorted colors
Size G hook
Coated ponytail bands

With green, sl st onto ponytail band. Ch 1, sc in start. Sc, ch 1 across placing about 29 combinations on the band. Sl st to first sc.
Ch 5 trc in next ch 1 space on band. Working around the band in the ch 1 space, trc and ch 1 around. Join with sl st to 4th ch of ch 5. Fasten off, waeave in ends.

With second color, sc around band in ch 1 space. *Trc around post of trc, trc again around post above 1st trc made, trc again around post above 2nd trc made. Sc in band in next ch 1 sp.* Repeat from * to * around. Once you come to the first trc "flower" you sl st, fasten off and weave in.

I hope those instructions are clear. Enjoy making them. I'm going to make a bunch more for Easter I think.

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