Monday, February 5

Today I got a whole row complete on the doily, discovered an error in the pattern so I am at a standstill. I put it up last night, thinking maybe I was just tired and reading the pattern wrong. Nope, there's definitely some decreasing missing there and I'm just not so much of a wiz that I can look at it and say, ok, I'll do this instead. Yeah, on some projects I can do that, just not with thread. Anyway, it's now tucked back into the cart, pending a response to my plea for help.

Now I'm attacking the Skipping Stones afghan because it's something I've wanted to make for myself since I started crocheting again. I want it in exactly the color used in the pattern, my favorite shade of red. It's also something that I don't have to pay quite as much attention to and that gives my head a break, short and sweet and hopefully back to finish the doily in the next day or two.

So, like much of this country today, it's bitter here tonight and having that afghan in my lap is just an added bonus. Well, here's to keeping warm and busy through it. Don't forget to bring along that sense of humor because we may just need it before this cold snap snaps.

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