Tuesday, February 13

Too busy Tuesday

Well, slept late and then got up in a hurry. I am making dinner and cake for my friend tonight for her birthday. I decided on sweet and sour short ribs and cabbage and it's now bubbling on the stove. I decided to go with the poor girl's party theme so the cake is dirt cake, ice cream is rocky road and all her presents have been second hand store finds. Her daughter is going to decorate with toilet paper streamers while I've got her out of the house this evening. Sure hope she doesn't read this blog page before tonight, hehehe. I already caved and gave her her presents so tonight is just dinner and cake/ice cream. I'll get a picture of the dirt cake up later, it's chilling now and I won't put the flower in it until right before I deliver it over to her house. It's sooo cute though. It's my first dirt cake, sure hope I did it right.

Guess my mid-week deadline on that afghan is going to get pushed back to end of the week now. Should have gotten myself up earlier today but oh well. Guess I needed sleep more than I need to finish the afghan. So many projects, so little time.

I'm involved in a CAL on a group I belong to. We're making slippers and I'm hoping they turn out as nice as they look like they're shaping up to be. One can never have too many pairs of slippers you know.

That's about it for the day, off to stir my pot and get things together for this evening. Have a good one all!

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