Sunday, February 11

Surfing on Sunday

Good Sunday all! I'm still experiencing pain so the post will be short and lite today again. I'm happily working on the afghan when I have a few moments (not sticking to it long though as it makes my back hurt after a few minutes). I'm also learning to do a bit of crochet standing up as well. LOL, hope that doesn't affect the tension of my stitching.

Since I haven't been up to much there's no crochet related news regarding my projects to post here today and so I thought I might spend some time with you on a virtual tour of crochet related oddities and odd sites. I ran upon this site some time back and did a cyber tour, found it quite interesting, unique and amusing so I thought you all might appreciate this as well.

This link leads to a site called the World Famous Crochet Museum. It's quite an interesting place with all sorts of crocheted items to peruse.
Now with all that time on your hands wouldn't you come up with something just as interesting?

Next on our tour we'll go to the Monster Crochet site. Whether it's a serious discussion or a light hearted haphazard plan hatched with zeal this site seems to always have something to sink your teeth into. You might ohh, you might be disgusted or turn away, but you'll always find something here that you can bring into any conversation.

For our closing commentary we will go to another odd site that gives more than descriptive details pertaining to crochet and those items that people dream up from who knows where. This site tends to lean a bit toward the sarcastic, but only in the most seriously entertaining manner. I believe the jests are meant more to amuse the audience than they are to be taken as an insult to the original designer, though you have to admit, some of the items presented make you shake your head in wonder.

Now you have it, from the furthest reaches of the net, some of the more interesting, if not more well known, sites that are relevant to crochet. Happy surfing!

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