Sunday, February 4

Peeking my head up through the crowd, did we all survive?

Ah, Sunday, it's all over and life can go back to normal. We all agree the game was, well....a game. My question is, how much crocheting did you all accomplish with all that solitude? I have said before, I'm a slow crocheter and I'm forcing myself to finish the doily so I worked on it all day, and it takes me all day to do a row and a half, so...I'm still at three rows to go, since I found a mistake and had to frog yesterday. I'm looking at the pattern and beginning to wonder if there isn't a mistake in the directions for this upcoming round. Check back, I'll relay the information I find.

Ok, so part of my self has promised itself that all the PIGS will get cleared out this year and that henceforth I will never allow this unruly overgrowth again. Ok, it's a good goal to have at the very least, keeping in mind that I'm making a huge distinction between WHIPS and PIGS because there is a very major distinction between the two, although on the surface they might seem the same thing. You see, WHIPS are those projects that one has assembled together with intention of starting and PIGS are those projects, already started, that have been tossed aside in boredom, frustration, haste, etc., perhaps forgotten about. I feel it's a nice thing to put together projects that you've gotten in mind to do for the year. For instance, I have been making afghans for each member of my family (I have a lot of them). I plan two to three of the afghans each year, purchase all the yarn, copy the pattern and put all that together for when I'm ready to start the project. This qualifies as a WHIP until I begin the project. Once begun, when it's put aside for any reason and not worked on I refer to it as a PIG.

The beginning of this year has found me with WHIPS ready to start and many PIGS to clear out and I've promised myself to finish what I've started before beginning anything else, after all if one cannot stick to the task at hand imagine what else one will be running around in circles trying to accomplish. It's always a scramble, a fight in which I begin with all intentions of picking out those plastic bags and completing what's there and indeed I've finished two purses and a scarf from the lot of them but, still, so much left to do. Then, after going at it gung ho I begin to feel I should be rewarded for being so good and getting all these projects cleared out, so I eventually let myself start one of those oh so tempting projects (probably the Kimono coat I'm salivating over). So it's rotating movement of projects in and out of the roll cart (My PIG Cart) and to and from a couple Avon boxes (afghans projects are usually gathered or stored in them once you get so much bulk). but as with any other crochet addict, I am at my best in the middle of this whirlwind.
1. rosary - I've intended this as a gift for my Mother's birthday
2 crochet twist wrap for myself.
3. crochet shrug
4. Kimono Coat-Me, ME, ME!!
1. Skipping Stones Afghan
2. Soft Sage Jacket
3. Pastel Squares Afghan
4. Reds granny afghan
5. Scrap squares afghan
6. Freeform blanket
7. Squares in thread
8. Cluster Stitch Doily (89% complete)

Well, that's it from my little corner of the net tonight. Hope your fingers have been as busy as you want them to be. Till next time, happy crochet!

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