Saturday, February 3

Pre-Superbowl Prep Saturday

Happy Saturday afternoon all. Fresh off the heels of Groundhog Day where we were promised that Spring is just around the corner (let's hope that is the case), we've little time to gear up for that Greatest of Days, where grown men sit around all day and swill beer, hootin' and hollerin' and generally actin' like men do on Superbowl Sunday. How many of you are ready? I've got all my PIGS in a plastic roll cart right beside my best chair, Ott lamp at attention, waiting, and everything else I need close at hand because, by golly, I'm ready for the onslaught. I have five channels to choose from, strike one for the game and I've four left. I'm thinking rather than try to keep flipping through (studiously avoiding the game) I may just hang it up and throw on Winamp for the day. Some sort of background noise that's appropriate, that can settle at the back of my consciousness and leave me free to pay attention to what I'm doing with my hook. I'm the sort of crocheter that has to pay attention most of the time.

Ok now, on to better things. I promised a while back to provide a pattern and picture for the scarf I created that I am calling the 2+1 Scarf. The reason I'm calling it that is because this scarf is more a process than an actual pattern. The process is a simple 1,2. You chain however many chains you want for the scarf's length then single crochet back through that chain. Switch colors and do two rows (any stitch that will fit your length), switch colors again and do two rows, switch yet again and do two more rows (again, you choose any stitch pattern you want with this project). Finally you switch colors for the last time and work a row of single crochets. That's it, snip, weave and wear!

I've taken another break from the Jewel Box skirt and shrug project, but do have pictures of the finished skirt to share. It's the Caron's Simply Soft Shadows Open Weave Skirt pattern, made using Jewel Box Obsidian yarn. Gorgeous ya think?

Well now, I did another quick scarf project as the filler between projects when I put the shrug from the Jewel Box project down the first time and I'm currently finishing up a doily as my filler for this next down time with the Jewel Box project.

So, that's what's up with me these days. Projects and more projects.

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