Thursday, February 15

Hope springs in unexpected places

This morning a young man I've never met gave me a gift. Rarely do you find someone who is genuinely interested in helping you, who treats you with a level of respect that seems to be a discarded quality within society today and I feel fortunate that this particular gentleman crossed my path today. It warmed my heart to know that yes, there are still people out there that are willing to go out of their way to help you.

Zoey again had to play when we went out this morning, but this time she wanted to jump from ice slick to ice slick, pouncing and breaking through the ice. She's three and I've never seen her act this way before, as if she suddenly discovered how to turn nature into a game for her personal amusement. So we went around the yard and pounced on patches of ice, her sliding and me just chuckling at her antics.

I seem to be in a frogging mood this last month because everything I've touched I've had to frog, and not just once either! Im reworking the shrug, reworking the last four rows of the doily and of course the afghan project is getting it's share of time as well. I am beginning to think I may need to abandon all three of them and pick up something else for a bit, but then I am so stubborn that I am determined to finish these projects up before I pick anything else up again.

The party went over well, my friend just loved her cake and was surprised her daughter took the time to decorate and even managed to make a banner with the toilet paper. Guess teenagers aren't totally self-absorbed all the time. I'm hoping she'll bring the photo she took of the cake so I can post it up for you all to see.

Off to crochet and relax. I hope you have a great day whatever you have in mind.

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